14 December 2009

Old Forge Brewing Co – Nov/Dec Newsletter

OFBCLogoJust a few highlights from the OFBC Nov/Dec newsletter:

  • Damien is working on two new brews Ol’Smithy Spiced Winter Ale and Scottish Ale  along with re-brewing his Bellows Brown  Ale
  • OFBC just celebrated their 1-year anniversary Dec 5th
  • OFBC will be holding a Beat the Winter Blues Fest on Jan 16th with a special Scottish Ale.

05 November 2009

Old Forge Brewing Co – 1-Year Anniversary Dec 5th

OFBCAnniversary Congratulations to Damien & Maria for their upcoming one-year anniversary at OFBC.  To celebrate the event, their planning a special event (see photo).  Damien was nice enough to pass on the details—be sure to note the DOUBLE IPA!:

We are celebrating our anniversary on December 5th with live music all day and a special menu and we are tapping up a Double IPA Anniversary beer.

In January on the 16th - we are having a Beat the Winter Blues Fest - from 11 am - 12am with live blues acts throughout the day and night! See our website for more details as we get closer.

Thanks to everyone who came out and made our Pumpkin Fest a great success over Halloween weekend. The Smashing Pumpkin Ale was a big hit and our pumpkin menu was so popular that we will be bringing some items back for the holidays!

We continue to have live acoustic music every Thursday upstairs!

28 October 2009

Old Forge Brewing Co – Pumpkin Fest & One Year Anniversary

OFBCMenuFrom Damien:

This week we are having a pumpkin festival from Thursday to Saturday. Smashing Pumpkin Ale is being tapped up on Thursday. I used roasted pumpkin (cooked 3 hours in the oven with brown sugar), Saigon cinnamon, allspice, ginger, and nutmeg, all in the boil with the pumpkin. Then I added some vanilla in the conditioning tank. It came out great!
OG 1.054, 5.4% ABV

We are having a special pumpkin filled menu (see above) Thursday thru Saturday and on Saturday we are having a pumpkin carving contest 12 - 4 all ages!

We are also having a One Year Anniversary party on Saturday, 12/5. Live music all day from noon until 11 pm, various local musicians throughout the day. Special menu that day plus we will unveil a special anniversary beer as well. I'll send more info as we get closer plus our website should be up to date with info as well.

20 October 2009

Old Forge Brewing Co – Sept/Oct Newsletter

OFBCDamienMaria I’ve just heard from Damien & Maria @ Old Forge Brewing Co:

  • OFBC is holding a Pumpkin Fest Oct 29th-31st---pumpkin carving contest & Smashing Pumpkin Ale.
  • OFBC is planning their First Anniversary party for Dec 5th---Live Music, Beer & Food specials all day.  Stay tuned for more info.
  • Looks like Damien & Marie attended the GABF in Denver….see the photo!

09 October 2009

Old Forge Brewing Co - Oktoberfest

OFBCLogoOld Forge Brewing Company Oktoberfest Sat. Oct. 10th all day
tapping up the Ludwig's for Oktoberfest
Special Menu:
mustard encrusted roast pork served over braised cabbage with potato pancakes
beer braised brats with carmelized onions and braised cabbage
german potato soup
authentic german desserts
live music from 7-10...Polka Punch!

23 September 2009

Old Forge Brewing Company – New Beers

OFBCLogoFor those that haven’t noticed, I just thought I’d post up two of the new beers Damien has recently brewed @ Old Forge Brewing Co.  The first is currently on tap and is called Old Trafford Pale Ale…( This session ale is an English style pale ale, with a toasted caramel malt profile, low alcohol and subtle bitterness despite the large amounts of English hops.)  The second is in the tanks and is called Ludwig’s Anniversary Lager (A reddish/amber Oktoberfest style beer in honor of Prince Ludwig's anniversary.  Big, bold, with plenty of malt flavor to satisfy any palate.)

10 August 2009

Old Forge Brewing Co – July/Aug Newsletter

Just a few quick highlights from Damien in his most recent OFBC newsletter:OFBC

  • Classic Kolsch & Irish Draught Ale are in the tanks and coming soon.
  • OFBC will be attending GABF in Sept.
  • OFBC will hold their Oktoberfest 10/10 (7-10PM)
  • OFBC will be at Stoudt’s Oktoberfest 10/16 & 10/17

01 July 2009

Old Forge Brewing Co - June Newsletter

Just a few highlights from the June 2009 Old Forge Brewing Newsletter:

OFBC will be at the Selinsgrove festival (7/18), and the Iron Heritage Festival in Danville (7/23-7/26)

In addition to brewing additional batches of Underbite IPA and Bellows Brown Ale, Damien is working on a fruit beer....so stay tuned for details.

18 May 2009

Old Forge Brewing Co - May 2009

Just a few highlights from the May 2009 Old Forge brewing Company newsletter:

  • Damien has a new beer coming called Celestial Blonde Ale (Medium bodied malty sweet Belgian-style blonde ale with great complexity and a heavenly finish).
  • OFBC will be at the Harrisburg Brewfestival (6/20), the Selinsgrove Beer & Wine Festival (7/18) and the State College beer festival (8/8).
  • OFBC just added transfer pipes to the beer cooler.
  • The outdoor deck is open
  • OFBC will be open on Tuesdays starting June 2nd (4PM-12AM) with extended hours on Wed & Thu (until 12 starting June 3rd)
  • Wednesdays will feature $3 nachos (10PM-12) and half off appetizers from 10PM - 12 Tue thru Sat

13 May 2009

Old Forge Brewing Company - Music, Festivals & Outdoor Deck

Damien tells me the 2nd floor outdoor deck is NOW open so be sure to stop down and check it out. Also here's a little festival & music update for Old Forge Brewing Co.

May 14 - W Squared 7-9pm, acoustic guitar

May 21 - Mark Tomeo 6:30-9pm, jazz guitar

May 28 - Kimbo (from Blind Chitlin Kahunas) 8-10pm (acoustic blues)www.kimbostudio.com

June 4 - Mark Tomeo 6:30-9pm, jazz guitar

June 11 - D2K 8-10pm, acoustic duowww.d2kmusic.com

June 18 - Mark Tomeo 6:30-9pm, jazz guitar

June 25 - Soji, 8-10 pm, acoustic guitarwww.myspace.com/sojiplaysmusicUpcoming Festivals:Harrisburg Brew Fest,

June 20thhttp://www.troegs.com/brewfest/general.asp Selinsgrove Beer and Wine Fest,

July 18thwww.selinsgrovebrewfest.org State College Brew Fest,

Aug 8thhttp://www.scbrewexpo.com/

06 May 2009

Old Forge Brewing Company - News

I just heard from Damien and he tells me they will be serving at the Mount Hope Brewfest at the PA Renaissance Faire in Manheim, PA this Sat (May 9th). For more info Clicky HERE.

He also tells me the OFBC outdoor Beer garden on the 2nd floor deck should be opening soon (probably by next week if the weather cooperates).

27 March 2009

Old Forge Brewing Co - March 2009

Spring is in the air at Old Forge Brewing Co. Look for a revised menu and even outdoor seating changes at OFBC. Also watch for OFBC to be at the various upcoming beer festival events in PA. Check out the details in their March 2009 Newsletter HERE.

01 March 2009

Old Forge Brewing Co - In the News

Just saw this article in the local news. Congratulations Damien & Maria.

Clicky HERE ot read it or just scroll down.

Passion leads eastern Pa. man to brewing career
The Associated Press

DANVILLE, Pa. - For two years, Damien Malfara spent his days as a salesman and his nights figuring out how to turn a dream of pouring pints of his hand-crafted beer into a profitable operation.
By the time he was looking at locations around the area, his business plan was 100 pages long, he said. It took eight months of work once he settled on a narrow Mill Street storefront before he was ready to open.
Still, today, Malfara, 33, often finds himself working seven days a week, even though he promised himself he would spend Sundays somewhere else.
But his investment has paid off, so far. On Friday and Saturday nights, Old Forge Brewing Co. routinely has a list of drinkers and diners waiting for some of the 70 available seats. On its busiest nights, the brewpub serves 200 customers, Malfara said.
The pub and eatery, which opened three months ago, now provides 20 people with paychecks.
The early success is well beyond what Malfara had envisioned. He figured on a slow start, with business growing over time as word spread.
"But it's been busy ... from the start," he said.
Malfara, a trained chemist, decided to make a go of what most home brewers only dream about. He was selling scientific instruments and laboratory equipment, and had recently moved to Bloomsburg from Philadelphia.
Used to freshly brewed beer at pubs scattered around the city, Malfara found himself routinely traveling to Selinsgrove and Williamsport to visit the area's nearest brewpubs. He knew others were doing the same. He figured they would support a place in Bloomsburg or Danville.
He settled on Mill Street after finding an affordable storefront. It would be a tight fit, he knew, but he could make it work at a reasonable startup cost.
Months of work followed.
A brewery system was custom-designed. A detailed plumbing plan was needed to carry liquids to and from brew kettles and tanks to ferment and store the beer, located at opposite ends of the building. A separate system was needed to convey malted grain from the second floor to the brew unit at the restaurant's front windows.
Bars and tables had to be designed and built. Malfara hired a chef, Martha Barlow, to design a menu that not only puts a twist on traditional pub fare, but also could be prepared in a small kitchen with little refrigeration space.
That meant limited ingredients.
Malfara won't say how much money he's invested in the restaurant and brewery.
"I hope people think I invested a million dollars in the place," he said.
But it's common for a brewer with a place the size of Malfara's to invest $250,000 or more, said Paul Gatza, director of the Craft Brewers Association.
Those numbers are what often separates the home brewer with a dream from the brewing entrepreneur.
Brewers have about a 50-50 chance of surviving for more than a few years, Gatza said.
About 135 have opened in Pennsylvania over the past couple of decades, according to BeerMe.com, which boasts itself as the "most complete source of brewery information worldwide." Of those, about 62 have since shuttered their doors, or at least, cooled their kettles and stopped brewing their own beer, the site says.
That's about a 46 percent failure rate.
But Gatza says those numbers are not unusual in the restaurant business. In fact, it's a little better than the industry average, which is closer to a 60 percent failure rate, he said.
Gatza said location is important, as it is in any business. But brewpubs both succeed and fail in small towns and big cities.
There are successful brewpubs that serve pricey, haute cuisine, and those that are burger joints and pizza parlors, he said.
Most successful owners seem to have a good balance of passion for beer and food, and business sense, Gatza said.
Some home brewers start up businesses with little if any business knowledge. They run into unexpected problems they may not have money to fix, and hit delays they don't have the money to outlast.
In other cases, businessmen have looked to cash in on what had become a chic trend by the early 2000s, but did so without any passion for or knowledge of beer. Those owners have fared the worst, Gatza said.
"We've found that people who are in it for the buck aren't making it," Gatza said. "People who are really passionate about the beer are."
Malfara said he could see business dip if the initial buzz about the place dims.
But he's confident Old Forge Brewing will be serving his hand-crafted beer for years to come.
"There's always a certain amount of worry that we're going to do this and it might not work," he said. "But if I didn't think it was going to work, I would never had done it."

28 February 2009

Events @ Old Forge Brewing Co

Barby Holder, Irish Music, St. Paddy's Day 3/17 from 7-10

Jazzy Thursdays with Mark Tomeo - live jazz guitar

27 February 2009

Old Forge Brewing Co - Feb 2009

From Damien & Maria:

Dear beer lover,

The February 2009 issue of the Old Forge Brewing Company newsletter is now available. Beginning with this issue, we are publishing the newsletter in PDF format. If you have Adobe Acrobat Reader installed on your computer, simply click the link below to download and read the newsletter:

February 2009 Newsletter

If the above link does not work for you, you may need to cut and paste the full text of the link into your browser's address bar: http://oldforgebrewingcompany.com/images/ofbc_feb2008.pdf

Alternatively, all issues of our newsletter past and present are available in the Newsletter Archive section of our website at http://oldforgebrewingcompany.com/newsletter/newsletter-archive.html.

Information about downloading and installing the free Adobe Acrobat Reader software are also available at the above link.If you have any problems or need further assistance, please simply reply to this email and we will be glad to help you out.

Thanks for reading!

Damien and Maria Malfara
Old Forge Brewing Company - Forging Better Beer

13 February 2009

mybeerbuzz.com Welcomes Old Forge Brewing Co

Cheers and welcome to Old Forge Brewing Co...now officially participating with mybeerbuzz.com. Welcome aboard Damien & Maria...the beer loving community Thanks you!


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