07 December 2011

Old Forge Brewing Dec Newsletter


Check out this months Old Forge Brewing newsletter for details on the Brewmaster’s Dinner (12/31), new upcoming brews like Ol’ Smithy Spiced Winter Ale, Hank the Belgian Stout and The Eleven Cascadian Dark Ale as well as details on the first batch brewed at OFBC’s new production brewery.  Clicky HERE to check it out.

01 December 2011

Old Forge Brewing–3rd Anniversary 12/5

OldForgePintFrom Carey @ Old Forge Brewing:

Just wanted to let you know that we will be celebrating our 3rd Anniversary this coming Monday, December 5th. We are opening for special hours from 4pm-10pm (we're typically closed on Mondays). We're also tapping one barrel of our limited-release Bourbon Barrel Quad to commemorate the occasion. We'll be serving complimentary birthday cake and playing some games with some prize giveaways, as well.

As it happens, our birthday coincides with the anniversary of the repeal of Prohibition so there are two reasons to celebrate!

05 October 2011

Old Forge Brewing Co–Fall 2011 News

imageJust a few highlights from the Old Forge Brewing Co Fall 2011 Newsletter:

Single Malt Fuggle was the customer-appreciation week favorite from Damien’s single malt series (Saaz, Liberty, & Fuggles).  Upcoming beers include Hop Mama Amber, Smashin’ Pumpkin, Hank the Belgian Stout (in honor of Damien & Maria’s newborn Hank), & a Bourbon Barrel Aged Belgian Quad (to be released for their 3rd anniversary).

The production brewery is progressing…floors are ready and all the new equipment is on-site awaiting installation.  Justin James (new head brewer) & Jason Vansickle (cellarman) have both joined the OFBC team as well….so it’s exciting to see things moving forward.  Cheers & Congratulations!

01 September 2011

Old Forge Brewing–Single Malt Fuggles & Baconfest!

Just heard from Damien @ Old Forge Brewing :

This week we tapped up the last of our single malt/single hop series, Single Malt Fuggles. In a few weeks we will have all three of the them (Saaz, Liberty, Fuggles) on tap simultaneously so people can try them side by side. All the beers used Vienna as the lone malt, and were brewed exactly the same with the only difference being the hop variety. It has been immensely popular in the pub and we may do something similar in the future.

Next week we are having a Baconfest at the pub. Tons of bacon - our menu will be baconized for one week. We'll be having pork trivia, chocolate covered bacon, and we're tapping up some of the Old Forge Rauchbier, with its sweet and smoky character it will perfectly complement all the bacon.

05 August 2011

WILK Friday BeerBuzz–5 Aug 2011 (Old Forge Brewing w/Damien Malfara)

WILKFridayBerbuzz11Back in Oct 2010 we welcomed Damien Malfara from Old Forge Brewing in Danville, PA on to the Friday BeerBuzz to sample his Smashin’ Pumpkin Ale.  The beer was great, and Damien was a great guest…so it was only natural that we’d want to get Damien back on for another visit and to sample some more great brews.

[image%255B3%255D.png]I have to thank Damien in advance since he’s up to his ears in the opening of an Old Forge Brewing Co Packaging Brewery.   We brought you the news back in March, but it was a lot more fun to hear Damien describe the new facility. 

Look for a new 20bbl brewing system to be in place (located at the former TRW plant on Market St in Danville) but I think I was most excited to hear a few things.  First off watch for 1[image%255B7%255D.png]6oz cans of Old Forge Brewing Co Beers to be released into our market.  Initially I’m expecting to see  Endless Summer and T-Rail Pale Ale (the beers we sampled today), but I suspect we’ll see even more beers in cans from OFBC as time allows.  You can check out the announcement here for Endless Summer and T-Rail cans.

I think what was most exciting to hear for me was the news that Damien would be using the original brewpub system to experiment and perhaps even brew some specialty 750ml bottles and even come barrel aged beers.  Very exciting news for Damien and for our local craft beer community….so stay tuned for some upcoming OFBC beers coming soon.


to  Damien Malfara from Old Forge Brewing Co, Nancy, John, Joe, and Bosco for yet another fun Friday. 

The Friday BeerBuzz…bringing good beers and good people together

As always you can check out the video on-line at the WILK Friday BeerBuzz page by clicking HERE.

03 July 2011

Old Forge Brewing Co–CANS! Coming Soon Endless Summer & T-Rail Pale Ale

image image

We brought you the news first when Damien & Maria @ Old Forge Brewing announced the new production brewery…so I’m really happy to report today’s label approval for pint size cans of Endless Summer Ale and T-Rail Pale Ale….forging better beer!

18 May 2011

Old Forge Brewing Co–Vote Now!

OldForgePintThanks to Carey from Old Forge Brewing Co for passing on these exciting events coming up from OFBC:

-Vote for the next beer to be brewed at OFBC.  The choices: German Rauchbier, Peach Wheat, Belgian IPA
-Design your own beer coaster contest.  Winner will receive a t-shirt and logo pint glass
-Beer basket raffle.  FREE entry with every visit.  Win a basket full of OFBC goodies.
-Thursday night music and Beer Wheel Trivia

PS Carey…I vote for the Peach Wheat!

28 April 2011

Old Forge Brewing Co Feb/Apr News

FridayBeerbuzz22Oct2010Check out the latest news from Old Forge Brewing Co.  As we reported earlier Damien is working on a new packaging brewery as well as a very exciting Single Malt / Single Hop series of beers.  Clicky HERE to check it out.

25 March 2011

Brewer Wanted–Old Forge Brewing Co

Old Forge Brewing Company in Danville, PA is now accepting applications for a brewer position. We currently operate a small brewpub (380 bbls last year) with an emphasis on quality and craftsmanship. Our 20 bbl x 40 bbl packaging facility is scheduled to open this summer.
This position includes but is not limited to:
-All aspects of operating our 20 bbl production brewhouse and 5 bbl brewpub brewhouse
-Maintaining current established recipes and creating new recipes when needed
-Filtering, Cleaning, Cellaring, Packaging, Quality Control
Ideal Applicants should have:
-Minimum of three (3) years professional brewing experience, preferably in a production brewery environment
-Packaging line experience (preferably canning)
-Experience with brewery expansions
-Knowledge and understanding of brewing science and yeast handling
-Ability to remain flexible with work schedule and work various shifts as needed
-Desire for a challenging hands-on position covering all facets of brewery operations with opportunities for growth and advancement
-Ability to multitask, work solo, and function effectively on a team
-Good communication and organization skills
-High degree of self-motivation
-Problem solving, troubleshooting, and mechanical skills/knowledge
-Ability to lift up to 60 lbs and move at least 165 lbs
-Ability to be around alcohol without abusing it
We offer salary commensurate with experience and qualifications, and a benefits package including medical, dental, vision, and paid vacation upon 6 months employment. Learn more about why Danville is a great place to live and work at www.visitdanvillepa.org. Interested candidates please submit resumes and cover letters to dmalfara@oldforgebrewingcompany.com with BREWER POSITION in the subject line. No phone calls please.

Damien Malfara
Old Forge Brewing Company
Danville, PA

20 March 2011

Old Forge Brewing–New 20bbl Packaging Brewery (Update!)

OldForgePintFrom Damien:


Assuming all goes well with the TTB and PLCB, we will be opening up our packaging brewery at the old TRW plant at 601 E. Market Street in Danville this summer. We have a used JVNW brewhouse, originally built for 15 bbls but modified by the most recent owners to knock out about 23 bbls. So we're using it as a 20 bbl system. We're getting new 40 bbl fermenters from Premier Stainless. We have been getting some other pieces of used equipment lately to complete the brewery and we'll continue to look around for other items as needed. We'll be doing kegs (sixtels and halves) and canning on a Cask 5 head ACS, with plans for 2 labels initially in 16 oz cans. We'll add labels as we grow. We also will package special/seasonal beers in 750 ml bottles and will begin experimenting with some barrel aged beers, using bourbon barrels and wine barrels.
We will continue to operate the brewpub as normal. I'm hiring a full-time brewer and full-time cellarperson for the brewery, but I will continue to brew at the brewpub for as long as possible, with the other brewer filling in there as needed.

I'm sure you may have some questions...If you do, feel free to ask either via email or call me and I'll answer what I can. In the meantime, I'll try to keep you posted on how our project progresses.

Thanks Damien…this is great news for our local craft beer community and I can’t wait to follow your progress.

21 January 2011

Old Forge Brewing Co Dec/Jan Newsletter

From Damien:

imageThe December-January issue of the Old Forge Brewing Company newsletter is now available.  The newsletter is published in PDF format.  If you have Adobe Acrobat Reader installed on your computer, simply click the link below to download and read the newsletter:

December-January 2011 Newsletter
Highlights in this issue include:
Second Anniversary Celebration Recap
Chocolatefest coming February 8th-13th
St. Paddy's Week March 15th-20th
If the above link does not work for you, you may need to cut and paste the full text of the link into your browser's address bar:  http://oldforgebrewingcompany.com/images/newsletter/ofbc_decjan2011.pdf