20 March 2011

Old Forge Brewing–New 20bbl Packaging Brewery (Update!)

OldForgePintFrom Damien:


Assuming all goes well with the TTB and PLCB, we will be opening up our packaging brewery at the old TRW plant at 601 E. Market Street in Danville this summer. We have a used JVNW brewhouse, originally built for 15 bbls but modified by the most recent owners to knock out about 23 bbls. So we're using it as a 20 bbl system. We're getting new 40 bbl fermenters from Premier Stainless. We have been getting some other pieces of used equipment lately to complete the brewery and we'll continue to look around for other items as needed. We'll be doing kegs (sixtels and halves) and canning on a Cask 5 head ACS, with plans for 2 labels initially in 16 oz cans. We'll add labels as we grow. We also will package special/seasonal beers in 750 ml bottles and will begin experimenting with some barrel aged beers, using bourbon barrels and wine barrels.
We will continue to operate the brewpub as normal. I'm hiring a full-time brewer and full-time cellarperson for the brewery, but I will continue to brew at the brewpub for as long as possible, with the other brewer filling in there as needed.

I'm sure you may have some questions...If you do, feel free to ask either via email or call me and I'll answer what I can. In the meantime, I'll try to keep you posted on how our project progresses.

Thanks Damien…this is great news for our local craft beer community and I can’t wait to follow your progress.

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