01 September 2011

Old Forge Brewing–Single Malt Fuggles & Baconfest!

Just heard from Damien @ Old Forge Brewing :

This week we tapped up the last of our single malt/single hop series, Single Malt Fuggles. In a few weeks we will have all three of the them (Saaz, Liberty, Fuggles) on tap simultaneously so people can try them side by side. All the beers used Vienna as the lone malt, and were brewed exactly the same with the only difference being the hop variety. It has been immensely popular in the pub and we may do something similar in the future.

Next week we are having a Baconfest at the pub. Tons of bacon - our menu will be baconized for one week. We'll be having pork trivia, chocolate covered bacon, and we're tapping up some of the Old Forge Rauchbier, with its sweet and smoky character it will perfectly complement all the bacon.