05 December 2012

02 August 2012

Old Forge Brewing – Overbite IPA Now In 16oz Cans


Here’s another new canned brew coming from our pal Damien Malfara @ Old Forge Brewing Co.  Today we have the 16oz cans for Overbite IPA.  Overbite is a 7.5% ABV American IPA that uses Northwest hops and it ought to be great in cans.

15 July 2012

Old Forge Brewing Co To Top 1,000 bbl in 2012

We’ve been covering our pal Damien Malfara and Old Forge Brewing company as they have grown from a small brew pub to a production brewery…and I’m excited to report that Damien will be topping 1,000 bbl by the end of 2012.  This from the RepublicanHerald:

The demand for the more popular beers - Endless Summer Ale and T-Rail Pale Ale, in pint-sized cans - led Malfara to open a second brewery at 601 E. Market St. in the Irontown Commerce Center, the former location of TRW. At the site, they brew, keg and can beverages to be distributed by local distributors Henry Voelcker Inc. and Maloney Distributor and Philadelphia area distributor Bella Vista. Also, the beer can be purchased at Weis Markets and restaurants in the region.

At the brewery on Market Street, there are four brewing tanks, four fermentation tanks and two bright beer tanks, where the beer is stored before packaging.

The two buildings are separate operations with their own liquor licenses. Everything sold at the Mill Street location is brewed there with the exception of Endless Summer and T-Rail, Malfara said.

Malfara is expecting to produce 1,000 barrels of product by the end of 2012 after having brewed 500 already this year. There are 31 gallons in a barrel.

16 June 2012

Old Forge Celestial Blonde Ale Coming to 16oz Cans


Just like the headline says….our pal Damien Malfara will be packaging his Celestial Blonde Ale in 16oz cans…coming soon!

12 June 2012

Old Forge Brewing Co Increases Capacity

Looks like our friend Damien Malfara added two new 50bbl fermenters and a 50bblb brite tank to increase their batch size to 100bbl on some of heir beers.  This is exciting news for the OFBC production brewery.  For other OFBC news, click here.

09 June 2012

Old Forge Brewing - Endless Sun Ale Cans

Here’s a new 16oz can for our pal Damien Malfara @ Old Forge Brewing Co called Endless Sun Ale.  This new 4.5%ABV beer is a “light-bodies, low-hopped, pale golden ale” and I expect we’ll see it soon.

08 February 2012

Old Forge Brewing–Feb 2012 Newsletter

image image

With beers like Chocolate Bock & Irish Draught coming soon…you’ll want to check out the latest from Old Forge Brewing Co’s newsletter.  Click on either page to enlarge or go here.

28 January 2012

Old Forge Brewing Enters Philadelphia Market

399871_10150575746563103_127279038102_10821530_2103739003_n[1]With their production brewery in full swing and the canning line up and running, our pal Damien Malfara will be shipping his T-Rail Pale Ale & Endless Summer cans into the Philly market.  This is exciting news for everyone at OFBC and in Philly.  Here are the details from Damien…

We are celebrating our launch in the Philly market starting Feb. 1st...which is next week (unbelievable how time flies)!

I'll be down in Philly the whole week promoting the beer and the schedule is listed below.

08 January 2012

Old Forge Brewing Co – Canning Line & 1st Production Brew The Cans are OUT!

image image

Just thought you’d want a peek at Damien Malfara & the guys sampling T-Rail Pale Ale,  the first beer to come out of the new Old Forge Brewing production brewery.  I’ve also included a photo of the Wild Goose Engineering canning line, still awaiting setup.  If you look carefully you can see the cans just waiting in the background.  Congratulations guys…can’t wait to see T-Rail in cans (most likely this coming week!)  For more photos, check out Old Forge Brewing’s Facebook Page.

Update 1/13:  Here they are@ Voelcker’s