16 June 2012

Old Forge Celestial Blonde Ale Coming to 16oz Cans


Just like the headline says….our pal Damien Malfara will be packaging his Celestial Blonde Ale in 16oz cans…coming soon!

12 June 2012

Old Forge Brewing Co Increases Capacity

Looks like our friend Damien Malfara added two new 50bbl fermenters and a 50bblb brite tank to increase their batch size to 100bbl on some of heir beers.  This is exciting news for the OFBC production brewery.  For other OFBC news, click here.

09 June 2012

Old Forge Brewing - Endless Sun Ale Cans

Here’s a new 16oz can for our pal Damien Malfara @ Old Forge Brewing Co called Endless Sun Ale.  This new 4.5%ABV beer is a “light-bodies, low-hopped, pale golden ale” and I expect we’ll see it soon.