24 October 2013

Old Forge Brewing Plowshare Porter & Resolution Rye Stout Coming To 16oz Cans in Nov

I’m excited to bring you two new 16oz cans coming from our pal Damien Malfara at Old Forge Brewing.  These are two new winter seasonal can releases coming from Old Forge Brewing and Damien tells me they will hit cans on 11/4 and distributors the week of 11/11.  Details on these beers from Damien:

Plowshare Porter is a cutting edge American Porter with plenty of chocolate malt and a shovel full of hops. Comes in around 5.7% alc by volume.

We use some medium and dark caramel malts, lots of chocolate malt, and a little bit of wheat for some added head retention. Hop additions are Chinook early in the boil, Cascade late in the boil, with another big dose of Cascade at the end of the boil.


OG 14.5P

FG 4.0 P

IBU ~38

Resolution Rye Stout is deceptively smooth, with a spicy malt backbone and Belgian yeast aromatics. Comes in around 6.8% alc by volume.

We used lots of rye malt and rye flakes, along with Midnight Wheat (a bitterless black malt) rather than roast barley. Its fermented with our house Belgian yeast strain and hopped with Nugget for bitterness and East Kent Goldings for flavor.


OG 16.9 P

FG 4.5 P

IBU ~41

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